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Nottingham City Council Bilborough By- Election – Green Party asks are we ready for change?

The Green Party have selected Katharina Boettge to be their candidate for the Nottingham City Council by-election in the Bilborough ward. She is the Greens lead candidate for the European Election in 2014 and is the Party’s Regional Coordinator. Born in Germany, she has lived in Nottingham for 13 years where she works as a psychotherapist.

Katharina says that as a single mother she has experienced the problems of having to survive on a low income. “This Government has continued reliance on cuts and austerity which is causing real hardship to people in our communities. Yet they can find the money to give a £160 billion tax break to the cash rich oil companies, they do nothing about the obscene bonuses paid to the very people bearing the most responsibility for the financial crisis.”

If elected, Katharina says that one of her priority’s will be to help people fight the totally unfair “bedroom tax.” ‘It’s a mansion tax we need not a bedroom tax, to me it makes more sense to tax the people who’ve got the money. Hounding people who are already struggling is vindictive, particularly since there are not enough social housing properties they could move into.”

Katharina believes that Nottingham City Council needs some change “Labour has a comfortable majority in Nottingham and they are not offering a way out of the current government’s austerity and cuts that are crippling our country. Labour has actually failed to vote against the unfair and illegal workfare scheme in Parliament last week”. She further argues that all major parties support cuts and austerity, they only argue about the pace and details. The Green Party says categorical no to cuts and austerity, we are offering policies that will address our economic crisis, whilst these enhance the lives of individuals, families and communities. For example, in 2010 we proposed a Green New Deal that would see immediate government investment in renewable energy and a nation wide programme of insulation. This would create thousands of jobs therefore cutting the benefit bill and increasing tax revenue. It would save people money on energy bills leaving them with more to spend in the local economy.”

Katharina Boettge has been living in Strelley, in the Bilborough ward with her 13 year old daughter and their pets for over eight years, she says “I know the area well, Bilborough has been our home and I want to give something back to our beautiful neighbourhood.”

Polling for the Bilborough ward by-elections will be on the 4th of April 2013.