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Hello and Welcome!


Published and promoted by Penny Kemp for East Midlands Green Party, both at 56-64 Leonard Street, Development House, London, EC2A 4LT

East Midlands Green Party is growing and branching out to reach more people. We have nearly tripled in numbers regionally since the Euros.  If you are looking for an inclusive and empowering way to get involved in local and national issues you care about and politics more connected to people, then read on. This is a place for sharing vision. If you believe, as we do, in the common good and share our values of justice, honesty, equality, diversity, community, human rights, civil liberties, sustainability, peace-building and, of course protection of the environment, then you have come to the right place. You might also like to look at our website for recent official press releases at http://eastmidlands.greenparty.org.uk. See our Connections page on the menu bar for more regional and national sources of information and connectivity.

The Green Party is standing against cuts in public services; against austerity. It is standing for building sustainable jobs. Green Party UK is fighting climate change and injustice locally and globally with integrated policies including in education and in a sharing economy with well-being and fairness at its core. We work towards real, focused cutting of carbon emissions with development and use of green technologies to protect humans, animals, eco-systems. We are a party of democracy not dilemma, with solid and rooted values that do not blow away in strong wind.

We are building this blog to work together with our regional website to meet the growing demands of the eleven groups in the midlands and all our work and campaigns in local, regional and European circles. Our website will continue to include all official press releases and news and is being updated to meet the region’s increasing need. This blog is a space for us to connect, get to know the people and stories of our region. Our aim is that voices can be heard, news and ideas shared. The East Midlands is big and social media such as this blog and the regional Facebook page are tools for us to connect, to hear and reach each other regardless of where we come from or any limits to time or mobility.

We have growing and re-awakening parties across the region. This blog is about their voices and news and about your voice too. The Green Party does not only care what you think at election time, it thrives through collaboration and the shared knowledge, skill and ideas of those who share our values.

2 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome!

  1. Can anyone tell me, what are the greenist taxes out of the following and why.
    Income Tax
    Council tax

    • Hi, I am unsure what you mean. The various taxes are used for different things. The Green Party would impose on producers some environmental levies that reflect the carbon footprint, resources used and energy consumption instead of VAT.
      I am unsure if this is of help; if not please specify your question.

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