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Greens Euro campaign kicks off in High Peak

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Derbyshire Green Party

imageDerbyshire Green Party members from the High Peak area were out leafleting in Glossop, New Mills and Buxton on Saturday.  

Shoppers were given leaflets in support of Kat Boettge’s campaign to be elected to the European Parliament in May.  With elections to the European Parliament being held under a fair voting system of proportional representation local Greens are hopeful that Kat will become the first ever Green MEP for the East Midlands Region.

Local organiser Peter Allen said:  “The debate about Europe has so far been dominated by UKIP, a party which is attracting support in a climate of general hostility to the establishment political parties and politicians, by pushing a message of fear – fear of immigrants in particular.  Their argument is that the UK has to shut its doors to foreigners and foreign influence, and that its future lies in ‘ going it alone’.  In doing so…

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