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We Greens are often getting involved in action and campaigns for social justice and environment, but we are not always so good at waving the Green Party banner when we do. It might not always be appropriate. Never-the-less, in many ways we have a shared understanding that needs to be shared more broadly. In mainstream politics so far important things like human rights and climate change are being pushed into the background in favour of a ‘there is no alternative’  approach which, put simply, does not work.   One of the Young Greens, Lisa Camps, has created an e-petition aiming to get the Greens on the TV General Election debates. Signing and sharing this petition is one way to help spread the word. A government e-petition is a way to highlight the issue. Find the petition and add your voice at: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/46764. There are other ways to be seen to be green too, whether you’re someone who likes to use your mouth, your feet, pen or the click of a mouse. We are aware this is no time for us to play the wallflower but to  join and change the dance because there really is an alternative and Green Party is part of it. We know that it is billionaires not bedrooms that need to be taxed, that a new Green Deal could create a million jobs that help deal with economic, social and ecological injustice and insecurity. We know poverty is rising and that this is not to be blamed upon the poor.

Along with protests and petitions, if you would like to help in election campaigns for local councilors or our wonderful MEP candidate Katharina Boettge  you will be welcome. See our contacts page if you are interested.

If you can’t get to a protest but want to be involved you could tweet or post virtual placards or photos by facebook, flicker or email, if possible during the time of the protest, or you could hang sheets out of your window.

So, these are a few of the peaceful demonstrations and actions you might like to join. Please add others in the comment section:

Saturday March 16th 1pm, Brian Clough Statue, (Speaker’s Corner), Nottingham: A peaceful demonstration to protest against the injustice of the Bedroom Tax that penalises the disabled, single parents, families of those recently deceased, foster parents and the parents of children at university

Tues 19th March – Public Meeting Against Welfare Benefit Cuts organised by Notts TUC. 7pm at the Nottingham Mechanics Institute, 3 North Sherwood Street

3rd Thursday of every month – Café Economique meeting on Alternative Economics – 7:30pm upstairs at the Peacock on Mansfield Road, the next meeting is on Participatory Economics. Further details and future meetings on its blog at http://cafeeconomique.wordpress.com/ or Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/groups/cafeeconomiquenottingham/

– Saturday 22nd June 2013, 9.30am – 5pm, Central Hall Westminster: People’s Assembly Against Austerity, Natalie Bennett, Caroline Lucas and many other active Greens with different hats on are members of this coalition. See http://www.coalitionofresistance.org.uk. Sign the Coalition of Resistance Petition at: Coalition of Resistance-petition

Posters for you to use:

GP Austerity poster ALL PAIN, NO GAIN

tax bankers not bedrooms

Further information to read and share:


Lastly, because it is worth repeating,  to help get Greens in TV Electoral Debate:


6 thoughts on “Seen to be Green!

  1. Excellent article on the campaigns that Green Party members are involved in. We often have more than one “hat” on and don’t always publicise our Green Party membership when getting involved in campaigns. This can lead to people not being aware of the Green Party’s policies on those issues and just thinking that we are only an environmental group. I have personally been on a Green Party stall where visitors have come up to us under the impression that we were GreenPeace 🙂

    Just one problem with the article above; the two links to the Green Party’s campaign material (austerity poster and benefit leaflet) appear to be broken and just go to a “Page Not Found” message.

    • Thank-you Simon,

      I don’t know what happened there but hopefully the pdfs are behaving now and can be downloaded. 🙂

      Maybe we need more green party badges too. People with many hats on could still wear a badge at appropriate times.

  2. Both links working fine now 🙂 And I agree that we could certainly raise the profile of the Green Party by wearing badges when attending events. I have a Green Party rosette that I have worn at the count when standing as a council candidate (and a few other occasions such as the 20th October demo). If I remember, I will bring it to wear on Saturday’s demo against the Bedroom Tax.

  3. When I went to the conference there was a stall with various green merchandise (I bought a hi-vis vest) but they didn’t have a T-shirt in my size. I’d be happy to wear stuff, badges, hats, T-shirts but they don’t seem to exist.

    • Hello Tony, yes we are working on getting party badges etc more readily available. Many people chhose to wear green items of clothing. Many women, myself included and I know Romayne Phoenix and others do this, wear a green scarf – on mass this is effective. More important is to download / share / print off / wave around the various posters, placards, flyers and leaflets appropriate to different events. https://www.facebook.com/GPEWCampaigns on Facebook or https://twitter.com/GPEWCampaigns on twitter help with this. We are working on a national website page. Also this and other blogs and websites often have leaflets and posters to download and share. This has shown to be the most cost effective, efficient and far reaching side of being seen to be green so far. Viral videos, like this blog’s most recent post, are also worth sharing. Simply mentioning that you vote green and why has an impact. You do make change happen. Thank-you

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