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What times we live in!

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All pain no gain GP poster

Let me take you on a journey to a time where the worker’s rights are limited at best.  A time where those without work are forced into unpaid labour in order to get food and lodgings and still often go cold and hungry. A time of rickets and child malnutrition and children crammed into cold rooms. A time of families and young people made homeless. A time when many cannot afford to keep warm. A time when disabled people were seen as second class citizens and Johnnie foreigner is blamed for the nation’s ills. A time when healthcare free at point of delivery is not guaranteed.  A time when single mothers are treated as a blot on society.  Is this Victorian Britain or today, same location? A time of bank collapse, mass unemployment and the people not the banks footing the bill – The Great Depression, the 80’s recession, or today? You do not need a trip in the tardis to find these ills, just the economic, health and environmental injustice born of an insecure boom and bust, profit over people, markets / elite rule philosophy.

Meanwhile the government have not delivered on a manifesto pledge to clamp down on tax avoidance by large corporations. In fact it subsidies multi-national oil companies. Corporation tax has been cut while taxes on those least able to afford them increase. The average pay of FTSE 100 directors has risen and there is an ever widening gap between rich and poor. There  has been no reform of banks with bankers bonuses back in the billions, despite the UK public having to bale them out after practices of reckless risk.

There is an alternative. To say there is not is lazy, ignorant arrogance and lacks vision. We believe in taxing bankers not bedrooms, in cutting waste and warfare not welfare, in investing in children’s futures, empowering the vulnerable, in Green New Deals creating many jobs and sustainable futures. We believe in resilient localised economies, supporting local producers and businesses and re-energizing local communities while maintaining strong global partnerships to work against threats to human rights and security and to protect life-systems of which we are part.

The Green Party is involved in the Coalition of Resistance, with initial signatories including Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas and the Chair of the Coalition of Resistance herself an active Green. They join voices with representatives and individuals from across parties and organisations, uniting people against the cuts and for alternatives. Many Green Party members are active in other groups from Transition Towns, to CND to Trade Unions. There is a flow between these groups as we work together to create change that lasts, that puts measures of equity, well-being and sustainability at its core.

Green Party Anti-Austerity Leaflets:

GP Austerity poster ALL PAIN, NO GAIN



Author: hornett

A Green Veggie Gardening Gooner from Welly who tweets about views & news not telly. I'm honest & often outspoken, I want to fix the world because it is broken.

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