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Green Party Action to Save NHS Continues

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Derbyshire Green Party people are among our many members taking action against the undermining of the NHS. Nationally our action includes our clear voice in Westminster and, at the end of this post is a link to a press statement from the office of Caroline Lucas detailing proactive actions taken by the party to safeguard a just healthcare system long worked for, protecting health, jobs and services for all. It is now people, together, each using our voice and calling for action from MPs that is urgently needed.  We share a letter from Derbyshire Green Party being shared across different media, written to you all. We ask that you read, share and respond. We must continue because, as we Greens say, Fair is worth fighting for!

Before the last election the Conservative Party said ‘The NHS is safe in our hands.’ …and promised no radical review.  Since forming a government, they have worked relentlessly to find ways of breaking up the NHS and privatising health care based on the US system of private health care insurance that generates big profits for private companies.

Despite constant assurances from ministers that their so called ‘reforms’ would not pose a serious risk to the future of our healthcare system by ushering in full scale privatisation, it has become clear that this is exactly what the government intends to do.

In 2012, the then Minister of Health Andrew Lansley said, when speaking of the Health and Social Care Bill that “there is absolutely nothing in the Bill that promotes or permits the transfer of NHS activities to the private sector.”  In a letter to Clinical Commissioning Groups, he said: “I know many of you have read that you will be forced to fragment services, or put them out to tender. This is absolutely not the case.”

Very clear assurances you might think from a senior Government Minister.  But no so.  In a disgraceful act of duplicity, regulations published earlier this month under Section 75 of the Health Act create requirements for nearly all commissioning done by the National Commissioning Board (NCB) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to be carried out through competitive markets.  This means that any service provided within the NHS will have to be open to tender from private providers.  The system will be broken up, profit making companies will begin to move in to all areas of health care where they smell a profit.

These proposals are symptomatic of the staggering arrogance we have come to expect from the Coalition Government.  They are ignoring the overwhelming advice of all levels of health professionals – not to mention a complete disregard for the democratic process.  There is no public support for the American system of health care in this country.

There is still time to kill these plans before they pass into law on April 1st.  Green MP Caroline Lucas, jointly with Ed Milliband, has tabled a motion to Parliament demanding a debate on these regulations.  If enough MP’s respond to their constituents wishes and take a stand against the Governments plans to privatise our NHS, then the regulations can be stopped.

We urge your readers to contact their MP to demand that they support the motion and kill the regulations.’

Press statement from the office of Caroline Lucas can be read at:


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