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Come to Spring Conference – Regional Reasons


Attenborough Nature Reserve

Award winning Attenborough; one of 70 Nottinghamshire nature reserves

The Green Party Spring Conference fast approaches! It is our 40th birthday and a perfect time to come together to both celebrate the journey so far and to build upon policies of a party with fairness and futurity at its core. It is a time to act against the politics of apathy, inequity and division and have a good time doing so. Of course that’s ample reason to make the journey.  However, I thought I would write one or two extra regional reasons why it is more than worth making the trip up to see us. There is so much to see and share that you may want to extend your stay! Please add other suggestions in comments:

Nature in Nottinghamshire & East Midlands:

Famous, ancient Major Oak. This photo taken 1913

Still living, this old lady of Sherwood is said to have sheltered Robin Hood

ice-age sculpted gorge with honeycomb of limestone caves

  • Sherwood Forest on our doorstep with the legendary, ancient Major Oak
  • Attenborough (Award Winning) Nature Reserve – one of 70 diverse nature reserves in Nottinghamshire
  • Creswell Crags – ancient limestone caves and gorge
  • The Dumbles towards Lambley – hidden dells & woodland on the cusp of Nottingham
  • The stunning Derbyshire Peak District is a bus ride away
  • The River Soar in Leicestershire, the UK’s Ganges, sacred to regional Hindu community

Unique Centres of Information and Action:

  • The Sumac Centre –  independent social centre and resources for local groups and individuals campaigning for human and animal rights, the environment, peace, co-operation and social justice – a national hub of friendly activism
  • Hockerton  Housing Projecthttp://www.hockertonhousingproject.org.uk

Art and Culture Includes:

  • The New Art Exchange – stimulating new perspectives on the value of diversity within art and society, the largest space in the UK dedicated to culturally diverse contemporary visual arts
  • Nottingham Contemporary – One of UK’s largest contemporay arts centres, lots of socio-political events
  • Broadway Independent Cinema & Cafebar
  • Savoy Cinema, Derby Road, Nottingham

Food Glorious Food!!!

Veggies at Sumac Centre

Veggies at Sumac Centre

  • Multi-cultural feasts are never far away! This is a city of many delicious cultures!
  • The Alley Cafe – European style award-winning vegetarian and vegan cafe bar & venue with vegan gluten free chocolate brownies that make me want to sing, special world flavours lunch-time deals, organic & fair tade
  • Veggies at the Sumac Centre – award-winning, affordable vegan food using local produce, since 1985
vegan bakery in Forest Fields, Nottingham

vegan bakery in Forest Fields, Nottingham

  • The Screaming Carrot bakery – vegan bakery proudly catering for vegetarians, religious diets that restrict animal products and those with dairy and egg food intolerance
  • Hartleys in happening Hockley – beyond fair-trade coffee as well as including dairy and gluten free goodies, it is friendly cafe catering for many tastes and dietary needs
  • cafes and restaurants that use local produce where they can
  • pubs like The Bell, full of history and real ale

Steeped in Social History including:

  • Robin Hood and his Merry Men are associated with this region
  • The Lace Market
  • Nottingham Castle
  • Ancient sandstone caves beneath much of the city, some accessible
  • DH Lawrence –  poet & playwright had his birthplace in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire
  • Lord Byron and his beautiful Newstead Abbey
  • Erasmus Darwin was born in Newark on Trent – doctor, poet, slave-trade abolitionist,  inventor, natural philosopher, Charles’ granddad, whose poems show themes of evolution and who coined ‘all things from shells’.
  • Margaret and Mervyn Humphreys who uncovered the travesty of children taken from families and shipped to Australia up to 1970s and helped families reunite

Sporting People Include:

  • Becky Adlington – Olympian swimmer
  • Charlott Henshaw – Paralypian swimmer
  • Brian Clough
  • Torvil and Dean

So with history, culture, food, positive activism, multi-culturalism, ancient  forest, rare wetlands … as the background for a conference full of combined  knowledge, ideas, passion and forward thinking, frankly, where else would you be?

I look forward to seeing you there! For more information and to book your place: http://greenparty.org.uk/conference.html

4 thoughts on “Come to Spring Conference – Regional Reasons

  1. also if you can’t make it to Forest Fields, the Screaming Carrot bakery are going to be baking a wonderful vegan birthday cake to celebrate the Green Party’s 40th birthday. If you’ve never had food from there before, I can promise it’s something not to miss!

  2. yum! 🙂

  3. And if you are in Nottingham on the Saturday, how about joining in this UK Uncut/Anonymous action? If I was able to be at Conference I would certainly be doing this on the Saturday 🙂 We could do with a decent Green turnout on actions like this so that people know that the Green Party is committed to opposing austerity, despite the actions of councillors in Brighton and Bristol.


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